Let's Get Comfortable…the Sex Positive Revolution Is Here To Stay

I love orgasms. You can have missionary sex with your monogamous other-sex partner for the rest of your life and still be as sex-positive as the kinky polyamorous queer person next door. Our attitude toward sex inevitably trickles into our everyday lives and experiences. In my experiences, there are two kinds of people: There's the sort of person who only wants to go down on you after you shower and then there's the kind of person who will lick your butt when you come back from the gym.

The Roman Catholic Church judges sexual expression, deeming some acts virtuous and others sinful, a practice which is decidedly not sex-positive and does not emphasize love and respect between partners. This is why it's crucial to discuss sex and the sex-positivity movement so we can continue to normalize the topic and open the doorway for people to comfortably and authentically learn about themselves.

Since 1975 , Take Back the Night marches and rallies have provided space for the outpouring of stories of sexual assault; and since 2011 , Slutwalk has offered a site for the reclamation of self-determined sexuality as a public, political, and participatory act.

So, what I hope that my writing and Slutever on Viceland do is just remind people that sex can be very fun, light, exploratory, awkward, weird, and kinky—and that it doesn't always have to be silicone vibrator this thing that's scary or performative or that you feel like you're going to fail at.

When a middle-aged person consistently seeks out much younger people as partners, there's something going on there. The positive thinker's resiliency and attitude allows them to grow through the painful experience, come out better for it on the other side, and avoid possible health manifestations that can result from negativity and its stress.

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