Male G Spot Diagram For Mega Orgasms

Women can orgasm several different ways, via clitoral, vaginal, and of course the G-Spot, the latter can give her a massively satisfying orgasm if stimulated correctly. There a plenty of ways to make a woman crazy in bed but the G-Spot stimulation is one of the most effective and can give her very intense pleasure. Many people report experiencing intense orgasms with stimulation of this spot; some say it feels a little like anal sex, which makes sense, as the posterior fornix shares the same nerves as your anus.

While some women are capable of orgasms with G-spot stimulation, others are not and may feel discomfort. This isn't a surprise given the shame and silencing that we experience, as well as the fact that experiencing an orgasm from clitoral stimulation is often easier.

Whatever the truth is behind this mysterious ‘magic button', for some women stimulating a certain point on the vaginal wall can have a brilliant and blissful effect. Some men have vaginas, some women have penises, and some people with vaginas identify as neither male nor female.

After the how to change functions women became sexually excited they were given a second ultrasound, which showed their bladders had re-filled significantly. For some vaginas, this area may be quite sensitive and possibly feel painful rather than pleasurable if the pressure is forced.

Mechanical stimulation of the G-spot may in fact be stimulating the internal portion of the clitoris. Bad sexual experiences, limiting beliefs, negative attitudes, guilt, shame and embarrassment all sit there, preventing the experience of so much pleasure. At the top of the vagina's wall, at about perpendicular with the urethra, the man will feel a sort of lattice-work area (rough and lenticular tissue).

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